Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mass Alliance Endorses Chelsea Kline for State Senate

Progressive Coalition Endorses Chelsea Kline for Senate

A major progressive coalition representing more than a dozen unions and advocacy groups, has endorsed Chelsea Kline’s bid for State Senate, her campaign announced Tuesday night at an event in Hatfield.

Mass Alliance, a coalition of a wide range of political organizations dedicated to making
Massachusetts more progressive, has been an early backer of dozens of successful legislative
candidates. It is the first statewide organization to endorse in the race for the Hampshire,
Franklin & Worcester District.

“We know that Chelsea Kline will champion our progressive agenda on vital issues like
environmental protection, education, immigration, civil rights, and economic justice,” said Jordan
Berg Powers, Executive Director of Mass Alliance. “We look forward to working with her on the
campaign trail, and to seeing her experience and compassion put to work in the Senate.”

“Mass Alliance has elected incredible progressive leaders across Massachusetts, and I’m
humbled to have their endorsement and support,” said Chelsea Kline, a Northampton Democrat. “Since day one, I’ve been committed to running a competitive grassroots campaign rooted in our
values, and I’m glad to have Mass Alliance by my side.”

Mass Alliance is a coalition of political and advocacy groups that fights for a more progressive
Massachusetts. Its member organizations advocate on a wide variety of issues, including civic
participation, immigration, civil rights, economic justice, education, environmental issues,
healthcare, reproductive rights, immigrant rights and workers’ rights. Mass Alliance provides
clear leadership for the progressive community, cultivates and empowers progressive leaders,
and assists them in ultimately winning their elections.

Chelsea Kline is a higher education leader, progressive activist, and mother of three. She is
running for State Senate to be a voice for Western Massachusetts’ working families, local
businesses, and underrepresented communities. As a former teen mom juggling multiple jobs
just to make ends meet, Chelsea knows how difficult it can be for low-income people to stay
above water. Chelsea’s experience surviving the realities of poverty was only possible with the
help of her community, as well as food stamps and other public programs. As the social safety
net continues to fray, Chelsea has committed to advocate for anti-poverty programs, invest in
public education, champion single-payer health care, and protect our environment.

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