Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Statement on SCOTUS Decisions

Democratic candidate for State Senate Chelsea Kline released the following statement on Supreme Court decisions on Trump’s Muslim ban and fake women’s health centers:

Today’s twin Supreme Court decisions slam marginalized communities and continue the rollback of civil rights we’ve seen under the Trump Administration.

Today’s decision upholding Trump’s Muslim ban reinforces racism and Islamophobia in our legal system. Systems that should welcome the tired, the hungry, and the poor are rapidly declining. Massachusetts must be a leader and immediately pass the Safe Communities Act, which would make clear that our Commonwealth’s resources will never assist Trump’s hateful immigration agenda, and prevent state information from being used to create a registry of Muslims or other groups targeted by Trump and the far-right.

Today’s decision allowing fake women’s health centers to lie to women is a direct threat to reproductive freedom. I know how scary it is to be young, pregnant, poor and vulnerable. The charlatans who run fake women’s health centers pretend to be medical professionals, and they lure pregnant women in under the auspices of providing comprehensive services. These deceptions have dangerous consequences, as many women believe that they’re receiving medical information, even though what they hear is entirely false.

In Massachusetts, fake women’s health centers outnumber comprehensive family planning centers more than three to one. The rapid growth of fake women’s health centers is one of the most troubling fronts in Trump’s war on facts. Massachusetts must act to ensure women have access to real information from real doctors, and don’t fall for right-wing traps.

This is an excruciatingly sad time for those of us who believe in human decency and democracy, but I know in my heart that we can bend the arc of history toward justice and continue to fight for the goodness in America.


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