Friday, August 10, 2018

Greenfield, Orange Officials Endorse Chelsea Kline for Senate

Greenfield, Orange Officials Endorse Chelsea Kline for Senate
Councilor Tim Dolan, School Committee member Schwanz join Kline coalition

GREENFIELD -- Two more Franklin County officials have publicly endorsed Chelsea Kline’s campaign for State State. Tim Dolan, a Greenfield Town Councilor, and Alexandre Schwanz, a School Committee member from Orange, join a district-wide coalition of progressives supporting Kline’s campaign.

“Chelsea Kline has made clear that she will be an active participant in all of the communities in our district, including in Franklin County,” said Councilor Tim Dolan. “She is an impassioned advocate for public education, Medicare for All, and environmental protection, and will make us proud to have her representing us in the Senate.”

“Our educational system faces many challenges, in Orange and throughout this district,” said School Committee member Alexandre Schwanz. “With a budget heavily dependent on state funds, we need a champion like Chelsea on Beacon Hill with the courage and commitment to achieve full funding for public education. Educated at Greenfield Community College, Smith College, and Harvard Divinity School, Chelsea is a higher education leader who knows what it’s like to struggle - who knows what can happen when key programs aren’t appropriately funded. After the Legislature punted once again on fully funding our public schools, I am proud to join my voice with hers and demand more from Beacon Hill for our schools and for Western Massachusetts. Chelsea has my vote on September 4th, and I hope she has yours too.”

“In Western Massachusetts, we’re used to being forgotten or ignored when it comes to decisions on Beacon Hill. I want to campaign how I will govern, and that’s by including everyone and making sure every community feels heard,” said Chelsea Kline.

Chelsea Kline is a progressive Democrat running for State Senate. As a single teen mother, working three jobs wasn’t enough, but Chelsea was able to build a life for her family and eventually graduate from Smith College and Harvard Divinity School with the help of public programs like community college and SNAP benefits. Now, Chelsea is running so that everyone has an equal shot at their dream.


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