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It's ok, we're all going to die anyway.

There was a brief reprieve from the intense cold that gripped the northeast recently, and I leapt at the opportunity to get out into the woods. It took the regular yet absurd amount of cajoling, but I actually got my children out the door for a hike- boots, gloves, hats and everything! We trekked down the trails and felt the crisp air smack our faces in a wonderfully refreshing way. Late Fall in  New England reveals so many pleasures to those who are hardy enough to seek them out. We ran and skipped down the trails, our lungs coming alive again thanks to the glorious fresh cold air. For a moment, I considered all the places and seasons that one might die, and wondered if maybe in the woods in the snow would be somewhat preferable, relatively. By the time we were a good ways in from the road, the silence was everywhere, filling in the spaces between our teeth and folds of our brains, cleaning out the dust. The thick silence was broken only by the crunching of our boots in the leave

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