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Nuclear Family on Lockdown: 7 Ideas to Keep Your Marriage From Melting Down While Isolating With Kids

As hard as it is to be separated from your work community, friends, and the daily pleasures of regular non-socially-distanced life, there is something to be said for the difficulties that have emerged from being in constant contact (and I mean CONSTANT) with the partner whom you supposedly love the most. Maybe your love is relatively new, and there’s a teeny baby to occupy these long, weird, timeless days. I’m not talking to you, although I definitely know that this pandemic is effecting you all in some uniquely terrifying ways. But I’m calling out to the middle aged grumpy-ass married people who were slogging along through the exhausting life of dual-incomes, child-rearing, mortgage/tax/bills-paying, oh, and throw in some aging parents, among other things. We are known as the  sandwich generation , and although the percentage of adults who are  married  or  living together  has been steadily declining for the past few decades, that hasn’t dissuaded so many of us from giving it