Chelsea's campaign has been endorsed by numerous advocacy organizations and current and former public officials. She has more support from progressive organizations than every other candidate in the race combined.


American Federation of Teachers - Massachusetts:
“Chelsea Kline understands that our students can succeed if they are given the resources they deserve. She shares our aspirational vision for fully-funded schools and libraries, debt-free public college, and an education system that focuses on true learning, not just testing. The teachers, librarians, higher ed faculty, and other educators of the AFT Massachusetts are proud to support Chelsea because she will be a strong advocate for our students and our schools.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts:
“In an era where the right to choose could be undone at any moment, and when many Massachusetts residents are still struggling to access comprehensive reproductive health care services, we need bold leaders like Chelsea Kline to take a stand for vulnerable people. Chelsea’s decades of political activism and her passion for protecting people in need make her the obvious choice for State Senate. We know Chelsea will be an effective and compassionate advocate for women and for working families because she always has been.”

Bay State Stonewall Democrats:
“Chelsea Kline has the courage, compassion, and commitment needed to be a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ people. We are thrilled to support Chelsea Kline, a member of our community and a fighter for equal rights for everyone.”

Progressive Massachusetts:
“Massachusetts should be a leader in progressive policy, and for that to happen, we need more people like Chelsea Kline in office. As a low-income single mom who worked multiple jobs and still needed food stamps to keep her daughter from going hungry, Chelsea knows what’s at stake when Beacon Hill cuts programs for people in need. We trust Chelsea to be a fighter for all working people and a brave progressive champion on Beacon Hill.”

Mass Alliance:
“We know that Chelsea Kline will champion our progressive agenda on vital issues like environmental protection, education, immigration, civil rights, and economic justice. We look forward to working with her on the campaign trail, and to seeing her experience and compassion put to work in the Senate.”

Northampton City Council Marianne LaBarge:
"I enthusiastically endorse Chelsea Kline for State Senate becaues she is compassionate, cllaborative,

Former State Representative Denise Andrews (D - Orange):
“Chelsea Kline is the best candidate to represent us in the State Senate, and the only candidate with the leadership and life experience to deliver positive change for our families and communities. Chelsea’s commitment, compassion and experience make her a powerful advocate for our district. She will be leader in supporting our schools, protecting our environment, combating addiction and the opioid crisis, and ensuring our government is respectful and responsive to all residents.”

Greenfield Town Councilor Otis Wheeler:
“Chelsea Kline knows Greenfield, and she knows Franklin County. She is by far the best candidate to advocate for our towns and fight for our progressive values. Chelsea’s compassion, courage, and deep commitment are exactly the qualities needed to bring about real progress and induce meaningful change. I’m proud to support Chelsea’s candidacy, and eager to see her representing our communities in the State Senate.”

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